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Gorkha Brewery


Gorkha Brewery was established in the year 1989 as a joint venture between the Khetan Group and IFU, Dan brew Denmark. The Company was fully managed by Khetan Group until March 2011 after which Carlsberg Group took over majority of the Gorkha Brewery shares. Currently the Company is under Carlsberg Group Management with local affairs management being handled by Khetan group.

We launched the first International Brand of Nepal TUBORG in 1990 followed by CARLSBERG in 1995. TUBORG STRONG was launched in 2002. We extended our portfolio with licensed brewing of renowned brand SAN MIGUEL in 2005. The most loved local premium brand GORKHA was introduced to our consumers in 2007. The Company started the sole national import & distribution of energy drink Red Bull in 2010.

The Company introduced the new innovative look with Pull-Off Cap in Green bottle of TUBORG in 2014. In 2016, Gorkha Brewery expanded in the non-beer category with the launch of Somersby Apple Cider. As per consumer needs, we extended our market presence in the strong beer segment with the launch of Himalayan Dragon in 2017, followed by series of Strong beer portfolios like Gorkha Extra Strong, Himlayan Dragon 5000, Pasa in 2021. Moreover, Gorkha Craft Beer and winter Beer- Firemoon was also launched in 2021.

Currently, Gorkha Brewery is the market leader in the beer Industry and the largest taxpayer amongst the beverage Industry in Nepal. Our brand portfolio ranges from Premium to Strong segment with different SKUs in each segment.


Key facts

Market Position: 1
Market Share: 70%
Carlsberg Ownership: 90%


established as a joint venture between the Khetan Group and the Carlsberg Group


different brands


market position

The brewery

Situated in Mukundapur, Nawalparasi our Brewery is one of the advanced production sites in South Asia with its state-of-the-art brewing facility and technical expertise.

The entire brewing is strictly maintained and controlled as per the Carlsberg Global standards used worldwide with the help of a state-of-the-art laboratory and automated production processes. In addition, the quality of labels, crown corks, cartons, bottles, and cans go through strict quality checks to maintain the highest Quality standards.

Gorkha Brewery received the Carlsberg group quality award "The Carlsberg Golden Words Award - 2000". Gorkha Brewery was also awarded with the

NS Award (Nepal Standard award) 2005 & 2011 respectively by department of standards and metrology for maintaining the high quality of its products.

We provide ongoing training programs to our manpower so that they are equipped with latest production and technical knowhow to operate efficiently. Moreover, the brewery work environment, health and hygiene standards, canteen and medical facilities enable us to operate comfortably and always maintain high level of productivity.