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Tuborg Open 2022 “Kholau Ramera”

Tuborg Open 2022 “Kholau Ramera”


Nepal’s most popular beer brand, Tuborg and music have been successfully associated for quite a long time. Tuborg has always been working towards the upliftment of the Nepali music industry in every possible way. Tuborg Open 2022 is a continuation of the initiative that has been contributing in the music industry for the past 5 years through collaboration with national and international artists.

Tuborg has been creating new music by collaborating with artists from Nepal along with countries like India, China, Turkey, Serbia and a few others. The Tuborg Open project marks its 6th year in different Tuborg selling countries and this is the 5th year for Nepal.

Tuborg Open has a different theme each year. The theme for this year is ‘’Take the Stage’’, where globally renowned artists will provide mentorship experience to emerging national music artists, guiding them on how to create a good song and become a successful artist in the industry.

This year, Tuborg has associated with platinum- selling American music artist Jason Derulo for Tuborg Open along with Nepal’s emerging artist, our very own Vek.

The mentoring experience took place in LA, where Vek spent time with Jason Derulo in the studio. For this year’s Tuborg Open, Vek created a song named “Kholau Ramera” using the guidance from Derulo, which is crossed 10 Million views in YouTube and the counting still goes on.

VEK says, “I am very glad that my song “Kholau Ramera” have received so much love from the audience. I would like to thank my fans for such tremendous support. This milestone has given me new enthusiasm to write more songs and entertain my fans. Additionally, I would also like to thank Tuborg for giving me such a big platform and making this possible.”

Ashish Bista, Marketing Director of Gorkha Brewery says, ‘’ The bond and legacy between Tuborg and music is very deep. This bond has been ongoing for many years. In continuation for the same purpose, Tuborg Open has been providing a platform to collaborate with successful international artist and the emerging artists from various part of the world. This year’s song “Kholau Ramera” has gained extreme love from the listeners which has made us very excited to continue with such projects in near future.”

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Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull, one the most popular energy drinks produced in Thailand, is solely imported and marketed by GB Marketing, a 100% subsidiary of Gorkha Brewery. Today, Red Bull has become the most popular energy drink available in the Nepalese market among the young adults. It is currently available in a 250ml can.

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Gorkha Brewery

Gorkha Brewery was established in the year 1989 as a joint venture between the Khetan Group and IFU, Dan brew Denmark. The Company was fully managed by Khetan Group until March 2011 after which Carlsberg Group took over majority of the Gorkha Brewery shares. Currently the Company is under Carlsberg Group Management with local affairs management being handled by Khetan group.

We launched the first International Brand of Nepal TUBORG in 1990 followed by CARLSBERG in 1995. TUBORG STRONG was launched in 2002. We extended our portfolio with licensed brewing of renowned brand SAN MIGUEL in 2005. The most loved local premium brand GORKHA was introduced to our consumers in 2007. The Company started the sole national import & distribution of energy drink Red Bull in 2010.

The Company introduced the new innovative look with Pull-Off Cap in Green bottle of TUBORG in 2014. In 2016, Gorkha Brewery expanded in the non-beer category with the launch of Somersby Apple Cider. As per consumer needs, we extended our market presence in the strong beer segment with the launch of Himalayan Dragon in 2017, followed by series of Strong beer portfolios like Gorkha Extra Strong, Himlayan Dragon 5000, Pasa in 2021. Moreover, Gorkha Craft Beer and winter Beer- Firemoon was also launched in 2021.

Currently, Gorkha Brewery is the market leader in the beer Industry and the largest taxpayer amongst the beverage Industry in Nepal. Our brand portfolio ranges from Premium to Strong segment with different SKUs in each segment.