Our Policies

Gorkha Brewery ever since its inception in 1989 has been dedicated to the cause of welfare of the environment, consumers and its community.

GBPL has also been involved in various Community Engagement Projects (CEP) to ensure that local villagers can actively engage in other income generating activities besides seeking employment at the area of Mukundapur, Nawalparasi. Besides the engagement with the society, GBPL has also been supporting Carlsberg Go Green initiatives.

We work with seven areas across the value chain. This approach has the benefit of making CSR not only a reputational and risk-mitigating buffer but also a strategic driver for business opportunities and future value creation for the Carlsberg Group and society.

Our key CSR Policies

Community Engagement

Being engaged with society is one of the Carlsberg Group’s ‘Winning Behaviours.’ We recognise our impact and the opportunity to engage with the communities where we operate – and we are committed to making a positive contribution.


The sustainability of the environment plays a vital role within our business. Most of our raw materials and ingredients are sourced directly from nature. The continued success of our business is directly linked to the health of the environment. However, as we grow, our environmental impact increases, and we are therefore continually looking for ways to reduce our impact on the environment and climate.

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